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Design Turnpike LLC

State License Plate Map 7 x 7s

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$30.00 USD
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$30.00 USD

Each measures 7 x 7, request your background color and state when you order. License plate used will be random and a surprise, but each will be vintage and genuine.

Unfortunately, there's no field for state entry. I'll email you once each order comes through to confirm your state of choice.

Michigan is shown, but any state is available. Square states, or states with a square footprint, work best; for example Oregon, Texas, Utah and Florida would work well but wide and thin states like Tennessee would be a challenge to make fit well.

Can be used as a coaster, small desk plaque or even turned into a multi-state collage of color for wall display. Comes with a handy display stand for each map ordered.

Order four, get one random surprise state for free to enhance your collection!

Background colors available: white distressed, navy distressed, black, reddish brown distressed, and slate gray distressed, as shown in photos.