Design Turnpike label

Q: Can I choose my own background colors for the maps? A: Yes! You can choose from a range of standard stains and finishes, or provide your own custom color selection to me via email or at checkout when you place an order.

Q: Do you keep any maps in stock? A: Sometimes. My workload varies, but usually I am working hard to finish pieces ordered previously through the website.

Q: Do make each piece by hand? A: Yes! Each piece is made to order by hand per your exact specifications upon receiving the order.

Q: Can I request special plates from my home state? A: Yes! I try hard to honor requests for certain plates within reason.

Q: Do you ship internationally? A: Yes! I have shipped my work to customers in over a dozen countries around the world. Send me a message to receive a custom quote on any of my handmade originals.