Royal Caribbean Cruise Ship License Plate Map of USA

Royal Caribbean Cruise Ship License Plate Art

YES! That is my work onboard the Royal Caribbean Cruise Line fleet.

I am happy and proud, that in various American ICON Grill restaurants on board a range of the Royal Caribbean Cruise ship line, you can find samples of my recycled vintage license plates maps. I have had the pleasure of working on half a dozen large format artworks for RC throughout the past several years, that have attracted the wonder and attention of thousands of cruise and travel enthusiasts. Each of these pieces of genuine American history are between 8 and 10 feet wide, and use up to 150 actual license plates from a bygone era.

Royal Caribbean Cruise Ship License Plate Map

Did you see one of my maps onboard? Send me an email with photos and I will share them on social media. Interested in a map like the one you saw on Allure of the Seas or Harmony of the Seas, for example? Message me here to express interest in a piece for yourself, or click here to see what is available for purchase. I offer both prints of my work and newly-commissioned handmade originals.

Map of USA in license plates cruise ship

Harmony of the Seas License Plate Map Art